Indonesia is the tropical country has potential various  plant producing high value of staple food (rice, maize, cassava, sweet potatoes, sago), source of spicy, herbal medicine and others. Since long time ago, nasi kuning or yellow rice is the very popular food for Indonesian people. Commonly they prefer nasi kuning for breakfast in the morning.

Nasi kuning is the typical of simple food found in all part around Indonesia. Number of dishes  inside of nasi kuning depending on the amount of your money. Simple and cheaper of nasi kuning contain a boiled egg, small pieces of fried sweet potato/fried tempeh or tofu and chili sauce. Nasi kuning with price more expensive has many dishes you can choose such as: a piece of soybean beef, chicken floss, fried noodle, cucumber pickles, many various of vegetable and chili sauce.

In general, nasi kuning made from the half of cooked rice soaked in the coconut milk containing turmeric, aromatic leaves (pandan, lime, bay or daun salam), chicken broth powder and a little bit of sea salt.  The mix all of ingredients with coconut milk left for a while until the flavors infuse well in the rice. Rice contain milk coconut then cooked until produce the interesting fragrance. Commonly nasi kuning wrapped used banana leaves gives a nice smell and beautiful taste for consumer.

Commonly nasi kuning sellers in Makassar come from various groups. They showed their production according the transportation they have such as: bicycles, motorbikes and car. Nasi kuning that sell by car has a many benefit and wider space to carry various goods using the car trunk. Consumer can eat nasi kuning on the site or wrapped and enjoyed with the family in their home. In this morning, I was enjoyed a pack of nasi kuning I bought from woman in the car. It seems the dishes of nasi kuning well crowded according request and number of money in the consumer pocket. In the future, nasi kuning possible increasing their value when served in a modern way. Many type of goods, food and something in the beautiful packaging attractively can adding their value (srn).

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