My name is Sri Nur Aminah Ngatimin. I was born in Makassar in August 29, 1972. I am lecturer and entomologist from Pest and Plant Diseases Department, Faculty of Agriculture Hasanuddin University Makassar. My hobby traveling, cooking, writing and enjoy the new experience. I am able prepare some of Makassar traditional food such as: pisang hijau, pallumara and another simple menu. Beside taught a students in university, I have been spent many times visited many university outside Indonesia. The one of my amazing journey, when I was visited Ajax Amsterdam stadium in The Netherlands. In 2016, I have got golden opportunity to be participant an international course of Integrated Pest Management and Food Safety sponsored by CDI Wageningen. The international course was held in three weeks in Wageningen, I met and spent more discussion related my expertise with new friends from African countries, Afghanistan, Rumania, Thailand and another country in the world wide. Do you know, the scholarship from Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP) bring me to Wageningen University, the number one popular agricultural university in the world. I am sure that hard working will lead you to the best future. I am married with Firnas Bohari, a lawyer, at April 1995 and we have three children. My oldest daughter drg. Yunita Feby Ramadhany working as a dentist in Toli-Toli district, Central Sulawesi. Rezqy Setiabudi (only one of our son) working as nutritionist at Center of Public Health at Pallangga district, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi. Finally, my youngest daughter, Ixy Adelia Firnas in the first year of Elementary School.

Since September 2020 (after I am the third winner author of scientific book competition by Brilian International Surabaya), I met Prof. Imam Robandi, the amazing Sensei and founder of IRo Society. Sensei Prof. Imam Robandi as the lecturer of ITS Surabaya and the alumni of Tottori University Japan. I am so proud know him because he always share new knowledge in IRo Society. He is a multi talent Sensei and taugh me more about technique writing of newspaper article and increasing our ability as the personal branding. IRo Society as the best place for the member develop their talent and ability product book and something related to literacy. For your information, I have been publish more than 30 books since 2016 until present. I just remembering you all, please know well your ability and reaching your best personal branding (srn).

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